Pop Art (Urban) Street Art Styling

In this collection are my Urban Pop Art pieces. These pieces feature mixed themes, however are more often than not "things" that are from our every day lives. (hence forth "Pop"....or "Popular"). All pieces are created by hand (using acrylics) and can (using Sugar Sprays) and will always be textured, layered and grungy like what you would expect on an old wall that has either been over painted roughly, or has been the "victim" of repeated product branding. I do love my Pop Art pieces as they are very close to my roots with graphics and bright colours.

All pieces are in stock as you see them, and arrive to you ready to hang on your wall with a lovely gloss finish and on a double thick double stretched canvas. All pieces have a gallery finish to the edges, meaning the edges also have layering, texture and detail that continues from the face. If you would like to discuss a commission, or different sized piece to what I have in store, please drop me a message. I have done many massive pieces, some as large as 6m x 2m (234 inches x 78 inches) rectangle and 3m x 3m square (117 inches x 117 inches).

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