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Art Rentals

December 10, 2017

I dont post in here often. Visit me on Social media, and you will see a totally different story LOL. Anyway, I have finally made it official after all this time, that you CAN "rent" my art. This is a fantastic way of having amazing original and HUGE art for staging of a property for sale. Or if you want to deck the halls, and office space in yumminess, that can be turned over periodically to keep your look fresh as a daisy. I have tried to keep the new section on "artRENT" relatively short, but please feel free to have a browse, and drop me a message to discuss what you have in mind. Ill do my best to...

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Concrete based artwork

March 12, 2016

I once read an article in Vogue where an artist being interviewed said something to the tune "I dont do backgrounds". As an artist that loves texture, of course I thought "what a lost opportunity!". After approx 2 years of trying and failing (because Im too lazy to go paint on train station walls), I have finally worked a mixture of Cement, Latex binder and a glue polymer that has allowed the troweling on of a product that looks and feels like a cement slab. This includes the edges so it really does look like a slab of concrete. It sticks to Canvas like any texturing product, retains flexibility, strength and structure, yet remains totally rigid on the canvas. The...

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