Industrial Concrete Base

These new industrial pieces are Canvas frames coated with my new Concrete formula and troweled to a thickness of approx 10mm (including the edges). They weigh a little more than a standard canvas and all up weigh only about 10 to 13kg. But the look on wall, is basically a 45mm thick "Slab". It is permanent, flexible (yep, thats not a typo) and will withstand anything a normal canvas can (and more!). I guarantee it!

It took me 2 years to develop this process, and it achieves the ultimate in Industrial/street styling.

All pieces are in stock as you see them, and arrive to you ready to hang on your wall with a lovely gloss finish and on a double thick double stretched canvas. If you would like to discuss a commission, or different sized piece to what I have in store, please drop me a message. I have done many massive pieces, some as large as 6m x 2m (234 inches x 78 inches) rectangle and 3m x 3m square (117 inches x 117 inches).  

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